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Written by Natalie .


Posted on July 28 2019

What to do in Marco Island. Enjoy this Marco Island travel guide.

What was going to be a fun beach day turned out to be an amazing date night. As we were getting to head out and spend the day at the beach, it started pouring and a thunderstorm started. So we decided to make it a fun date night instead since the weather got much better. (That is Florida for you).
 We went to the Marco Island Brewery where I tried the Sweet Water 420 Mango Kush and Dan had the 420 Strain G13 IPA. It was delicious. We had come here before and had the chicken quesadillas and they tasted so good. The service has always been amazing.
We went to Nacho Mama’s for dinner. We ordered the Coronarita which is a margarita that has an overturned Corona bottle draining into the margarita. The combination of the cold Corona and the Frozen Margarita is AMAZING. For dinner, Dan and I shared the nachos. They are called the Nachos Grande and it is no joke, these nachos are MASSIVE. We ordered the chicken nachos and it was delicious!

Fun things to do in Marco Island, FL. Nacho Mama's and yummy margaritas!

Nacho Mama's in Marco Island. They have amazing Mexican food. Fun things to do in Marco Island travel guide!

After dinner, we crossed the street and walked through the JW Marriott Hotel a couple of blocks down to see the sunset. BTW, this is probably one of my favorite hotels EVER. We stayed here for Dan’s 30th birthday and it was an amazing experience. The first time I came to Marco Island was 7 years ago when Dan introduced me to this area. We would have never thought we would ever live so close. Also, If you haven’t seen a FL West Coast sunset, I advise you to do so. It is so beautiful. 

Marco Island Sunset. Enjoy this Marco Island travel guide and fun things to do in Marco Island!

If you’re ever thinking of visiting Marco Island, these are the top 2 of my favorite places to grab a drink and eat. 
Click the link below to watch our Date Night at Marco Island vlog!  :)