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Written by Natalie .


Posted on February 17 2020

Dan and I visited Nashville in late September. We have been wanting to go for a while now and finally caved in. I definitely recommend visiting especially if you're a country fan or just love to have an amazing time with a fun environment! I'm going to write about a couple of our favorite places we went to. 
We had lunch at Jack Brown's Burger and Beer Joint in Germantown where we had an amazing burger and fries. I tried the Elvis Burger which was the first time I've ever had a burger with peanut butter on it and I must say, I absolutely LOVED it. Dan ordered the Greg Brady which was a burger topped with Mac N' Cheese and it tasted amazing. The place had a very hip atmosphere. Definitely recommend trying it!
We went to Broadway where we had an amazing time at Kid Rock's Big Ass Honky Tonk. We enjoyed live music and beer. The place was insanely packed! It has 5 floors and I definitely recommend coming here for a fun time! 
We had dinner at The Stillery where we ordered Mac & Cheese topped with hot chicken and the Steak & Shroom Pizza. It was probably the best Mac & Cheese and pizza I have ever had. Not to mention there was live music on the second floor and the artist was amazing. His name is Daniel Bell and I'll link his facebook HERE so you guys can check him out! 
We went to Luke Bryan's bar where we watched the Bill's game on the second floor. We enjoyed a nice cold beer and live music. Loved the atmosphere of this bar. Very spacious and it has an amazing balcony overlooking the city.
We also tried The Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery where they had a great beer collection and amazing nachos! You can go up to the 3rd floor and overlook the entire Broadway Strip. We went at night and the view was beautiful. We came here 3 times, that's how much we loved it! 
We went to the Gulch which is a cute neighborhood between Broadway and Music Row and you can find a lot of cool restaurants here. You will also find Amelia's flower truck and the famous Nashville Wings Mural. 
Needless to say, we will be coming back! 

Click the link below to watch our Nashville Getaway vlog!  :)