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The concept of Close Knit Co. began in the winter of 2016 in Upstate New York. Natalie started taking night classes in pursuit of her nursing degree and Dan needed something to keep him busy outside of his 9-5 job. He’s always had a passion for e-commerce and graphic design, so he decided to put the two together and set up an online t-shirt shop. There was one major problem..he had NO IDEA where to start. After browsing various forums and YouTube tutorials, he learned that screen printing produces the highest quality designs so he spent the next few weeks researching like crazy. Soon after, he purchased his first screen printing press and “successfully” printed his first tee. A few days later they took a couple of lifestyle pics, designed a logo and launched their very first Etsy shop. Dan's passion for the business quickly strengthened as he found himself working on growing the brand nearly every second outside his normal job. He would work on the designs and products while Natalie would work on the photography, marketing strategies and customer service. Throughout the next two years they put all their energies into learning and growing a brand while continuing their screen printing knowledge and making a superior product. As Natalie was in the final days of becoming a Registered Nurse, Dan's transfer request with his job came through and in July 2018 they moved to South Florida. When an injury caused him to miss a few months of work, he was faced with the question if he REALLY wanted to go back to a 9-5, or take a massive leap and pursue a passion that was itching the past two years. In the Spring of 2019, Dan resigned from the job he thought he was going to spend the next 30 years of his life in to pursue their passion of growing the business full time. Working on something you love and failing over and over is a million times more gratifying than having to reflect on a “what if” years down the road. We now live in Naples, Florida, super close to our favorite beach(Marco Island) and work around the clock to continue building our brand and chasing their dreams.